We wrap up our tour of Western Canada with amazing technology and breathtaking scenery! In this episode we start where we left off last month with the Rocky Mountaineer. Paul gets a tour of the Rocky Mountaineer's mechanical and operations facility in Kamloops, BC where we see not just how the trains are maintained and operated, but some of the amazing technology inside each of the luxury coaches. Director of Mechanical Robert Mensinger shows Paul how all the logistics, repairs, storage, and coordination are controlled from a single control room in the facility. Paul then heads to Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta to experience one of the jewels of Canadian wilderness--Banff National Park. Paul goes from Lake Louise to Banff on the bus with Roam Transit CEO Martin Bean. Martin then gives Paul a tour of the city, his operations center, and the state-of-the-art bus garage with automated chargers for Roam's growing fleet of battery electric buses.