🚈 Paul heads to The Regional Transportation District (RTD) light rail yard, where we take you behind the scenes to see the technology that helps run RTD. Paul gets put to work as an operator-in-training by Dave Jensen, Assistant General Manager of Rail Operations. Paul practices his skills using the rail simulator and receives an honorary train operator license! #ConductorComfort 🚨 Paul chats candidly with Sergeant Jessica Chaine of the RTD Transit Police about the innovative mental health program she oversees. In this program, mental health clinicians are dispatched with transit police officers to RTD vehicles when a crisis occurs. The mental health clinician works to provide immediate help and resources to those in crisis while being protected by the transit police. 🚉 Paul sits down for an in-depth interview at Union Station with Debra Johnson, CEO and General Manager of RTD. This central hub gives the people of Denver an incentive to use public transit by connecting riders to sporting events, food hubs, hotels, and activities in the surrounding area. What gets Debra motivated every day to continue her work in public transit? It's simple; RTD is making lives better through connections and providing an essential service that improves people's lives.